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occupational hazards


for that AU prompt, one night stand before the first day of your new job and oops that was your boss you were sleeping with. I don’t know if this makes sense. I shouldn’t write after midnight.

It all happened so fast.

At the time it seemed like a good idea. She’d had nothing else to do except stay at home feeling nervous all evening, probably not sleeping on top of it (of course, she still didn’t end up getting much sleep, but –) and Mary’s suggestion that they go out, to take her mind off the next day, had been so much more appealing. “Let’s drink like we’re twenty again,” she said, and bundled them off to that new club on the other side of the city.

That was only the beginning.

The Tube’s jam-packed, and Lily squeezes herself into a miniscule space by the doors, clinging onto her coffee for dear life and desperately trying not to breathe in the tobacco haze wafting from her neighbour, because her stomach is already churning and there’s a thumping pain in her head and it’s only half past eight in the sodding morning. She closes her eyes and leans back as the train starts to move. A wave of regret washes over her with every throb to her temple; it’s her own stupid fault that she’s feeling so utterly crap, and she’s sure she looks awful too because she only had time for a ten-second shower once she got back to her place, and if this isn’t the worst way to start a new job then -

Fuck. Fucking hell. She grinds a fist against her forehead, screwing up her eyes: she can still hear the music from the club, remembers having to shout over it, and then there was no music, but instead the hysterical laughter of the very drunk, and then there was just heavy breathing and … fuck.

The worst thing is that if she wasn’t on the way to the first day of her new job, a really big fucking deal, then she’s pretty sure she wouldn’t regret it. Drunk she might have been, but she remembers it being fun, fumbly and messy and probably really awkward but still fun and – she remembers laughing a lot, both at the club and then afterwards. He had a big laugh. And he wore glasses; she remembers tossing them aside, just before he tripped over her shoes …

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